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20 Minutes of Kettlebell Training to Strengthen Physical Fitness

Kettlebells are generally made of iron, and cast iron kettlebells have different weight specifications. When it comes to strength training, kettlebells may be a good choice for you.


You can do various exercises when using kettlebells for fitness exercise such as pushing, raising up, lifting, throwing and squatting. The difference between kettlebell training and dumbbell and barbell training is that kettlebells are more effective in improving overall explosive power. Therefore, kettlebells and stone locks are popular with many fighters and martial artists. If you are interested, you can buy kettlebell sets in TALENT SPORT.

The following is a set of kettlebell training plans, total of 5 exercises actions, each action is 30 seconds, 3 times only enough.


1.kettlebell deadlifts


2. kettlebell swings


3.kettlebell goblet squats


4.kettlebell push presses

Rest two minutes


5.kettlebell russian twist tabata

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