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Back Exercises Using Resistance Bands

In fact, there are many muscle parts that can be exercised by elastic resistance bands, and of course the back is one of them! So how does the elastic resistance band train the back muscles?

1. The importance of back exercises using resistance bands

The back muscles play an important role and maintain the posture of our human body. The main body shape of the human body is reflected by the back, which can help us improve by exercising the back, such as hunched back and round shoulders.

Your back needs to be strengthend to hold up the whole garment. The thick back muscles highlight the foundation of the inverted triangle male figure.

The back muscles play an important role in stabilizing the upper body muscles. "Backache" is actually caused by the strike of back muscles. Strong and powerful back muscles can stably support our body and relieve back pain. For this, sports resistance bands can help exercise back muscles.

2. Back exercises using resistance bands

Step on the elastic resistance bands, stand with your feet hip-width apart and stand parallel to the ground, leaning over at an angle of about 45° with the ground, holding the handles on both sides of your body, and retract your upper arms on both sides of your body. Inhale and exhale. The rope is pulled up to both sides. Inhale to restore. This exercise can also use a long rope, according to the size of your own strength to choose resistance.

Fix the elastic resistance band at a low position, sit on the ground, lean forward slightly, slightly covering the chest, hold the handle with both hands, stretch the arms forward, inhale, contract the shoulder blades when exhaling, and pull both arms back at the same time. Put your arms on your sides and make your chest straight. Inhale to restore. This action can be done in two ways, the shoulder joints are spread out and tightened on both sides of the body, and the muscle groups that are strengthened are different.

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