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Back Training Method with Elastic Resistance Bands

It 's very effective for people's health to train the back muscles: it can improve the body and  the overall image. Among the fitness equipment, there are many equipment that can train the back. It is worth to mention that back exercises using elastic resistance bands are a good choice. Elastic resistance bands are different from dumbbells and horizontal bars. Back workout with bands can help you find the strength of your back more quickly, thereby enhancing the training effect. You can have back exercises with bands, so what are the methods for back training with elastic resistance bands?

1. Seated rowing with elastic resistance bands

Fix the elastic pull rope in a lower position, sit on the ground, lean forward slightly, slightly breasted, hold the handle with both hands, stretch the arms forward, inhale, contract the shoulder blades when exhaling, pull both arms back at the same time, both arms place it on your sides and make your chest straight. Inhale to restore. This back exercises using resistance bands can be done in two ways, the shoulder joints are spread out and tightened on both sides of the body, and the muscle groups that are strengthened in different ways.

2. Pull down 45° with elastic resistance bands

Fix the elastic pull rope at a higher position, separate your feet into a squatting position, stretch your arms forward to hold the handle of the elastic pull rope, lower your head and bury your head in the middle of the arms, leaning over the ground about 45° and inhale. When exhaling, you need pull both arms back at the same time while raising your head and chest. Tighten your shoulder blades. Inhale to restore.

3. Pull down with elastic resistance bands

Fix the elastic pull rope at a high position, sit on the ground or kneel on the ground with one leg, keep your upper body straight, keep your lower back straight, hold the handles in both hands, inhale, contract your shoulder blades when you exhale, and pull both arms back at the same time. The arms are close to the sides of the body into a chest posture. Inhale to restore. If you lean forward slightly so that the direction of the torso and the bungee cord are the same, and when you pull down, the goal of the exercise will be different. If you open your arms to both sides of your body when you pull down, you will exercise more of the superior muscles, the trapezius and rhomboid muscles of the deltoid muscle.

4. Semi-squat rowing with elastic resistance bands

Fix the rope at the same height as your thighs, lean your upper body forward, and press your lower abdomen close to your thighs, just like a swimmer's preparation before entering the water, hold the handles with both hands and stretch forward, lower your head and face down, and place your head on your arms in the middle, inhale and exhale, pull your hands back to the junction of the chest and abdomen, raise your head and chest, and tighten your back muscles. Restore when you are inhaling.

5.One-arm leaning over rowing with elastic resistance bands

Step on the middle of the elastic rope under your feet, stand with your feet forward and backward, bend your front legs slightly, lean your upper body forward and keep your back straight, hold the chair or your own thigh with your left hand, hold the rope with your right hand, inhale and exhale when you contract the muscles in your back and pull the rope back and up.

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