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Baseball Bat Selection Method and Maintenance Measures

The quality of a baseball bat directly affects the effect of the blow, so the choice of the bat becomes a very important matter, especially for foreign professional baseball players. The choice of the bat should be based on the proportion of height, the weather, the speed of the pitcher, and the speed of the pitcher. The conditions such as the speed of your own swing and the weight of the bat are carefully selected and very particular. For baseball players, the main purchase range is general-purpose actual combat bats.

Ⅰ. Buying skills of baseball bats:

1. First, we must exclude soft bats and youth baseball bats

Soft bats and cheap youth baseball bats are cheaper, but you must not play hard balls for adults. Generally, the adult hard baseball bats of Japanese brands will be marked with "hard use", and some American brands are not marked. It is recommended that you check the official websites of related brands and related models.

In addition, soft bats and youth baseball bats are lighter in weight. The batter should choose the heaviest bat he can swing, and it does not affect the speed of his reaction. Generally, the mass-produced adult baseball bats are around 900 grams, and the soft adult bats and adult softball bats (No. 3 ball) are all 700 grams to 800 grams (some models will be lighter). If the weight of the bat you bought is too light, you have to pay attention to whether it is for women/teenagers.

Most American aluminum baseball bats are marked with the unit difference between the length and the mass of the bat. The standard for the unit difference of the rigid adult baseball bat is -3, which means that a 34 inch bat must weigh 31oz (ounce). 33 inch baseball bat must correspond to 30oz (ounce) weight. If you label negative numbers from -5 to -10 or even greater, it is basically a senior baseball league bat, a youth baseball bat, or a tee ball bat.

2. The material of the bat

The material is a more tangled problem in this. As far as the general laws of nature are concerned, the attributes of bats of different materials are difficult to have at the same time.

In general, the wood of ash is softer, lighter, and more elastic. But the hardness and durability are relatively poor. Maple is the opposite. It is harder and more durable. Another important advantage is that it has a wide range of hit points. However, maple is relatively scarce, so the price is more expensive than ash. The world recognized that the best selection of maple sticks is Russian alpine maple, but the cost is relatively high. Bamboo bats have the best durability, but the feel of bamboo sticks is also the most criticized. The flexibility of Japanese brands is the most praised, but Japan also has related forest bans. As a professional Chinese baseball bat manufacturer, Talent Sport provides cheap wooden baseball bats bulk include 21-inch wood baseball bats, 24 inch wood baseball bat, 29-inch weighted baseball bats, 33-inch baseball bats, etc.

The above is only a large range, and the quality of each bar in the specific market will also be different. There are still a lot of details in deep research, and it has reached the category of physics and botany. For example, the influence of wood texture and the influence of wood origin.

As for metal baseball bats, there is also a contradiction between "elasticity" and "hardness", but durability is less tangled than wooden bats. Basically, as long as it is a regular and strict brand metal rod, its durability will not have too many problems. Metal rods are mostly made of various aluminium alloy baseball bats, and different manufacturers use different materials for different grades.

Many golfers are concerned about the "grade" of metal materials. Indeed, different materials will cause differences in cost, and will also be used as a publicity stunt by baseball bat manufacturers. But for adult hard baseball bats, carbon fiber synthetic bats are forbidden, so "top" hard baseball bats will not use these materials, and the price will not be like "top" softball bats or soft bats. The boy is as high as a bat. Even if the adult hard rods with these materials are priced higher, the actual selling price is often the breaking price.

But hitting the ball the highest and farthest shouldn't be the only pursuit. Texture, feel, controllability, the balance of centre of gravity, and of course, the cost-effective C/P value are all key factors you need to consider.

Ⅱ. Maintenance of baseball bats

1. First of all, make sure it is dry: usually put it in a dry place, don't always put it in the bag, add a little desiccant to the bag.

2. Secondly, take it out when you have time to dry it, remember to wipe it off. Wipe it after each use, especially where you hold it. Sweat will corrode the stick. Also, don't hit hard objects with sticks to avoid damage.

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