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Can Trampoline Help Lose Weight?

Whether it is a treadmill, an elliptical machine or a spinning bike, fatigue and boredom during exercise are always inevitable, so that many people's fitness equipment are reduced to drying racks.

In comparison, bungee rebounder is both a game and a sport, and it seems to be more interesting than other sports. Therefore, many people use trampolines as fitness equipment. But what is the actual effect?

1. Characteristics of rebounder training

Rebounder training is mainly based on jumping action. Compared with jumping on flat ground, rebounder training can stretch the spring when the feet are falling. It not only has the function of buffering and damping, but also stores energy to assist when jumping again, allowing rebounder training to be relaxed and powerful, which helps us continue to exercise. In addition, the energy storage and release effects of the spring make trampoline more rhythmic, which greatly enhances the fun of trampoline.

2. How to use bungee rebounder?

The trampoline competition in the Olympic Games is a gymnastics event, which mainly relies on the elasticity of the trampoline to bounce the body and perform difficult movements such as somersaults in the air. Ordinary trampoline small exercise is not that complicated. You only need to jump rhythmically, and then do some arm and leg movements (can be matched with more rhythmic music) while jumping. The effect of the exercise is similar to that of gymnastics or dancing. It is a kind of aerobic exercise that can exercise the whole body.

3. Exercise on mini trampoline for weight loss

Trampoline exercise can consume a certain amount of physical strength, and its weight loss effect is certain. However, like other aerobic exercises, the method and duration of trampoline exercise will have an impact on weight loss.

If it is only a small, simple jump, the consumption may be relatively small, and it will also make people feel boring and difficult to persist. If it can be combined with other body movements, it will not only be more interesting, but the exercise consumption and exercise effect will also be significantly improved.

In terms of exercise time, you can exercise on a mini bungee trampoline at a moderate intensity for 30-60 minutes like other aerobic exercises to get a good fat loss effect.

4. Precautions for using bungee rebounder

(1) Like other sports, the intensity and time of trampoline exercise should be gradually increased, otherwise it may cause physical discomfort or injury.

(2) When jumping vigorously, the body should be in vertical contact with the trampoline. Don't jump at will because the trampoline has a buffer function, otherwise it is very likely to cause joint sprains (especially the shoulder, neck, waist and other joints).

(3) Before each use of the trampoline, it is best to check whether the springs of the trampoline and the stitches of the "bed surface" fall off, and whether the trampoline legs are loose or unstable. If there is any problem, check it in time to avoid accidents.

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