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Does the Resistance Rope Can Lose the Belly Fat?

Generally speaking, the resistance rope can help lose weight of the belly, but its effect is not very obvious. It mainly exercises the muscles of the buttocks, legs and shoulders. If you want to use the resistance rope to lose belly fat, it is best to pay attention to the standardize action. You can exercise by lying on your back or stretching on your back, which can also get a good effect.

1. The role of resistance rope

Resistance rope is a common fitness tool. Its use method is relatively simple. Under normal circumstances, it can lose the weight of belly fat. Regular exercise can have a good effect on fat loss, but it mainly exercises the muscles of buttocks, legs and the shoulders, not very effective in reducing fat on the abdomen, but it depends on the action.

2. How to use resistance rope?

The effect of different resistance rope exercises is also different. If you want to exercise your abdomen, you should stretch your legs and sit on the ground, wrap the elastic pull rope behind your feet, hold the rope handle tightly with your hands, and hold it left and right. The length is constant, and then slowly bend your knees and keep your heels away from the ground. This will have a good effect on the waist and abdomen exercises.

Or  people can press the middle of the elastic force on the feet after lying flat on the ground, and then bend the joints of the legs to about 90°, round the two ends of the resistance rope upwards, hold both hands tightly and keep the palms down. This is placed on the opposite side of the body, with the shoulders slightly inclined to increase the muscle pressure on the waist and abdomen.

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