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How to Get A Perfect Body at Home? A Pull Rope Helps You Out

Ⅰ. Advantages of the fitness resistance bands

1. It is easy to carry and we can exercise with it at any time. It is light in weight and foldable, and it can be used as a tool for strength training or warm-up for outdoor training. The fitness pull rope is a very flexible device that is fully functional and very portable. You can put dozens of centimetres of latex pipe into a bog or into a pocket. Even if you wear it as a bracelet, people will not be surprised.

2. The resistance band rope is independent of gravity so that it is free to rotate. The resistance comes from the resistance band rather than the gravity of the earth, which allows more freedom and variety in training. A thicker pull rope provides more resistance while a thinner pull rope provides less resistance. In addition, the resistance can also be changed by simply shortening the length of the pull rope or increasing the distance between the connection points of the pull rope. Therefore, the fitness pull rope can be adjusted to suit people with different training levels.

3. It has no inertia, no momentum and no leverage. The resistance provided is not associated with gravity and the training cannot be leveraged so that the training effect is better.

4. It can imitate daily training movements and improve functionality. Different from traditional fitness tools, you do not need to worry about heavy weight straining your muscles when training with a fitness pull rope, and you also do not have to worry about putting a lot of pressure on your joints.

2. Basic principles of the fitness resistance bands training

1. The starting position. Considering the best force direction to stimulate the target muscles before setting the resistance direction of the fitness pull rope.

2. During exercise, always keep the extension line of the force line in the best direction of the force and the force line in the direction of resistance in the same straight line.

3. The specific position of the fitness pull rope is determined by the target muscle that you want to exercise, and it can be adjusted at any time according to the target.

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