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How to Train Biceps with Elastic Pull Rope?

When exercising, we will come into contact with various training tools. Among the training tools, elastic pull ropes are useful tools. Of course, the use of elastic ropes is helpful to the body, but some people don't know how to practice biceps with elastic pull ropes.

Ⅰ. How to train biceps with elastic pull rope?

1. Standing curl

Stand with your feet parallel, step on the elastic pull rope under your feet, straighten your chest, press your shoulders down, hold the handles on both sides of your body, palms forward, upper arms close to your body, inhale and exhale while bending your arms upwards until your biceps are fully contracted, inhale and restore to the original position at the same time. Pay attention to keep your upper arms close to your sides during the whole process, do not open, but you can do a slight back and forth movement.

2. Supine curl

   Fix the elastic pull rope in a low position, lie on your back on the ground, with your arms at your sides, close to your body, and hold the handle with both hands to complete the curl. Changing the grip can achieve different exercise effects.

3. Concentrated curl

Squat or sit in a chair with your feet apart, step on the O-rope under your right foot, hold the O-rope with your left hand, pad your elbow joint on the inner side of your left thigh, inhale and exhale, and bend your arms upwards to your humerus. Fully contract the biceps, pause for 1 to 2 seconds, and then inhale and slowly return to the starting position. Repeat with the other arm.

4. Arm curl

Fix the elastic bungee rope at a lower position, squat on the ground with both feet apart, hold the handles with both hands, put the upper part of the elbow joint on the inside of the knees, palm up, inhale and exhale while bending the arms until the biceps are fully contracted . Restore when inhaling.

Ⅱ. The benefits of elastic oull rope exercises

1. The elastic pull rope provides a visible linear resistance direction (the rope direction is even the resistance direction), which can better target different corners of the two ends.

2. The characteristic of an elastic pull rope is that the resistance increases with elongation-for the two ends, the maximum muscle contraction tension is required at the top of the contraction, which also means that more muscle fibers are used.

3. High security. For the use of elastic pull ropes to exercise biceps, the safety is relatively high, because the ropes used in this exercise are not harmful to the body, unlike barbells or dumbbells.

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