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How to Use Vinyl Kettlebells to Strengthen the Core Muscles?

Ⅰ. The function of the vinyl kettlebell

In recent years, the kettlebell has become the most popular piece of fitness equipment. It can be utilized to develop explosive power, muscle strength, and muscular endurance, as well as fat loss and cardiorespiratory function, in conjunction with interval training, circuit training, and even through continuous variations in motions.

The kettlebell, on the other hand, is not as simple to use as you may believe. Once you understand how to utilize the kettlebell properly, it will become one of your most useful training equipment. The kettlebell preserves its original qualities and transforms into a dumbbell-like piece of equipment capable of carrying weight, performing a variety of exercises, and working the entire body.

Ⅱ. How to improve the core muscles with the vinyl kettlebell?

1. Kneeling against rotation with a kettlebell

When we concentrate our weight on one side, if the muscles on the opposite side are not stable and powerful, they will cause the body to lose balance and be pulled away by the weight. Therefore, using this property, we can gradually strengthen the anti-rotation ability of the core to maintain balance and keep the trunk neutral and stable.

Kneel on your knees on the yoga mat to reduce stress, and you hold the vinyl kettlebell grip with both hands in front of you. Slowly turn your body to the right so that the kettlebell comes to the side of the thigh, then slowly turn back to the front and change the edges.

2. Semi-rotation in split-legged kneeling

Use a one-foot kneeling position to force the body into an unstable state, and cooperate with weight-bearing to further exercise the core muscles.

Kneel on your right foot, stand up with your left foot, face forward, and raise the kettlebell to the top of your head with your left hand, and your arm next to your ear. Then turn to the left, with your right hand resting lightly on your left knee. Stay for 5 seconds before changing hands and turning to the other side.

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