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Kettlebell: the Most Neglected Physical Training Machine by People

Ⅰ. What is the function of the kettlebell?

1. Compared with other instruments, the biggest feature of kettlebells is the pendulum-shaped design with handles. It has a very good effect when doing some rhythmic training, such as swinging and snatching.

2. Kettlebell training can activate more muscles and improve the body's fat-burning metabolism. At the same time, it can increase the body's endurance, that is, the body's ability to repeatedly complete fast and powerful movements during a longer period of exercise.

3. Metal kettlebells can also help solve some minor physical problems. For example, the classic movement of kettlebells and kettlebell swings can improve some waist pain and local muscle stiffness. In addition, there are also kettlebell squats, kettlebell snatches, kettlebell windmills, Turkish standing and so on.

4. Metal kettlebells can also give the body important feedback in certain movements, such as "stand up" movements. When standing up, the weight of the back of the hand can change the balance point of the lifting, and the body will continue to receive feedback of the change of the arm position. Using a professional kettlebell will make your body have a more obvious sense of training.

Ⅱ. What kind of people are the most suitable for using kettlebells?

If you are a novice, it is not suitable to do heavy-weight strength training at the beginning. You need an easy-to-use tool, and the kettlebell can meet your requirements. For example, at the beginning of squat practice, you can choose the kettlebell holding squat. On the one hand, it is relatively safe, it can ensure that your movements are more in place, on the other hand, it can help you learn how to control your body.

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