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The 9 Most Effective Kettlebell Exercises

1. What are the kettlebell exercises?

Among the kettlebell exercises, some are very effective and some are average. Of course, the effects of these actions are good. At the same time, these actions are also exquisite. I believe some people do not know what the kettlebell exercises are. So, what are the 9 most effective kettlebell exercises? Let's take a look!

2. The 9 most effective kettlebell exercises

Action 1

Standing, hold kettlebell's handle with one hand and bend the elbow to hold kettlebell (handstand). Ensure the correct shoulder blade position, keep your wrists neutral and your forearms perpendicular to the ground. The center is close to the body. Then bend your shoulders and stretch your elbows and push up! Until the arm is completely straight, the center falls on the shoulder blade! Then slowly play back to the starting position! The trajectory of the movement is a small-angle upward sloping line, and the stability of kettlebell and the smooth movement of the shoulders must be maintained during the movement!

Action 2

Stand with the kettlebell (such as loadable kettlebell) in your left hand, stretch your right hand to maintain balance, bend your knees, swing the kettlebell up between your legs, stand up straight, and stay at your shoulders with the bottom of the kettlebell facing up to stabilize. Repeat with the other hand.

Action 3

Standing, holding a kettlebell in each hand, with the bottom facing up, lift it at the shoulders. Do not move your right hand, push up with your left hand, and fall back in a controlled manner, then push up with your right hand, alternating your hands. Tighten the core of the abdomen.

Action 4

Standing, holding a kettlebell in each hand, with the bottom facing up, lift it at the shoulders. Extend your right leg backwards, bend your knees 90 degrees into a lunge squat position. Change the left leg alternately. Keep your hands steady.

Action 5

Lie flat on the ground, bend your knees, touch your feet on the ground, hold a kettlebell in each hand, bottom up, bend your elbows 90 degrees, push up the kettlebell until your arms are straight, then return to the starting position.

Action 6

The starting position is supported by a side plank to tighten the core. Hold the kettlebell in your right hand, with the bottom facing up. Keep your elbows close to your side, with your wrists straight, palms facing forward. Push up the kettlebell, palms facing the direction of the feet. Slowly lower your arm to the starting position. Repeat for the other side.

Action 7

Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, hold the kettlebell in your left, bottom up, elbows close to your body, and forearms perpendicular to the ground. Stretch your right hand forward to keep your balance. Squat down as you inhale, keeping your back straight. The forearm is perpendicular to the ground. Squat to the lowest position, keeping your knees and toes in the same direction, and your thighs parallel to the ground. Return to the starting position when exhaling. Repeat for the other side.

Action 8

Squat, lean forward slightly, hold the kettlebell between your legs with both hands, push upwards, stretch your hips back, and stretch your back. Raise the kettlebell to the top of your head, with the bottom facing up. In the repetition of the swing arm action, try to keep the arm straight. Keep your balance with the other hand on your side.

Action 9

Stand with your feet open, slightly wider than your shoulders, hold the bell in your left hand, bottom up, and straighten your arms over your head. Keep your body upright. When inhaling, keep your torso straight, fold your body diagonally forward and down, look at the kettlebell, open your chest, palms forward and your arms are perpendicular to the floor. Exhale to return to the starting position. This windmill exercise can enhance the dynamic stability of the shoulder joint and effectively activate the rotator cuff muscles.

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