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The Basic Trampoline Exercise for Beginners

Bungee jumping trampoline is also an exercise that more and more people will choose. Since most of the human body's muscles can be exercised in the whole process of bungee rebounder, the actual effect is very good. However, trampoline exercise for beginners, you must grasp appropriate ways during the whole process, otherwise, it may cause other damages to your body. Now let us take a look at the basic postures of the trampoline for beginners.

The training of the adaptability of trampoline exercise for beginners is indispensable. The most basic posture for beginners is the vertical jump. Although the posture is very simple,  we still have to master certain posture points because of the different elasticity between bungee rebounder and pavement.

1. Put your hands on your waist, separate your feet from your shoulders vertically and sway on the surface of the trampoline net. When swaying, you need not bend the knee joints as much as possible and use your feet to exert force.

2. The second step is to carry out jumping training, using the same method as above. Separate your feet vertically from your shoulders and sway upward from the surface of the trampoline net. Be careful not to bend your knees as much as possible when jumping, and rely on your feet to exert force.

3. After learning the vertical jump with a hands-on waist, try to combine the lower arm swing. It can start from the two-handed circling: Small circle - large circle - standard circle with lower arm swing.

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