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The Benefits of Rebounder Exercise

It is appropriate to consider rebounder exercise if you don't have enough space or money to put into the family gym or most weather prevent the outdoor exercise.

The bungee trampoline price vary from 100 USD to 1000 USD, much lower than most aerobic exercise machines. It's easy to store with the folding legs and frame. Besides, you can pull out the rebounder, turn up the favorite music and start doing exercise. Rebounder exercise has the following advantages:

1. Strengthen balance and coordination

With the age growth, balance, agility and coordination are particularly the crucial skills in sports. The research finds that one of the advantages of rebounder exercise is helping to strengthen balance ability.

2. Develop a stronger skeleton

The first thing coming to mind may be the high-intensity exercise, such as running and bearing exercise when you want to improve bone health. But it doesn't mean that rebounder exercise has no effect. In fact, research published in the journal of sports and health science 2016 revealed that young female trampoline players had bigger BMD at the hip and spine and greater appendicular skeleton. The bone and muscle strength of lower limbs were bigger than that of the non-trampoline group. It proves that trampoline jumping has actually exerted some positive influence on the skeleton.

3. Help to control the blood glucose level

A study of individuals with normal BGL in 2016 found that 50 minutes of high-intensity trampoline exercise effectively lowered BGL during and after exercise, suggesting that rebounder exercise can control BGL.

4. Reduce back pain

One of the surprising advantages of rebounder exercise is helping to reduce back pain. According to a study in 2015, the middle-aged who participated in the 21-dar rehabilitation program took exercise on round mini trampoline has greatly improved the experience ability and reduced back pain.

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