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The Best Size of Bungee Rebounder

Most children use bungee rebounders as toys, but it is undeniable that bungee rebounders are also a good sporting article. Compared with other sports, bungee rebounder is simple and fun, and it has become the new favorite of many sports enthusiasts (including adults).

1. Ordinary bungee rebounder

Ordinary bungee rebounders can meet the needs of most adults and children. The shape is relatively simple. The shape of the bed surface is mostly round or hexagon. The diameter of the bed surface (or diagonal length) is mostly 38-50 inches (96-127cm).

The relationship between bungee rebounder area and exercise effect is mainly reflected in two aspects: comfort and support. The larger the bungee rebounder, the larger the span of the bed surface, and the unit supporting force may be weakened, but the amplitude of the ups and downs of the bed surface will be greater, which will help to obtain a better bounce effect. But if you are overweight, a bungee rebounder with a relatively small area is better, such as mini bungee trampoline.

The room space must be considered when determining the size of the bungee rebounder. If the living room space is larger and the body weight is lighter, it is of course more suitable to choose a larger bungee rebounder. But it must be "tailored". Most ordinary bungee rebounders can be folded, so some people think like this: buy fitness trampoline that is large enough, unfold it when you use it, and put it away after you use it, so you don't have to worry about space. But what I want to tell everyone is that most bungee rebounders are effectively supported by springs pulling the bed surface, and they are quite strong. Whether they are folded or reinstalled, it is a bit laborious. You may be injured if you are not careful.

2. Children's bungee rebounder

Children's beds are mainly for children, with various shapes, circle-shaped and polygonal rectangles, covering an area of 1.2-2 meters. In the case of room space permitting, the size of the children's bungee rebounder is naturally the bigger the better. However, for household use, a bungee rebounder with a diameter of about 1.5 meters can be used by two children to play on it. If only one child is used to play, a bungee rebounder with a diameter of 1.2 meters is also sufficient.

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