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The Kettlebell is a Great Option for Total Body Weight Loss

1. Can kettlebells be used to lose weight all over the body?

If you want to lose weight and find that you don't have enough time, then the best way to lose weight is to do "full body exercises", and "kettlebell swings" are one of the best full body training exercises.

Swinging kettlebells can enhance muscle strength, muscular endurance and explosive power at the same time; strengthen the hip and posterior power chain of the body, prevent sports injuries, improve hip explosiveness, and can also exercise our core and anti-extension, anti-rotation, anti-lateral flexion ability. Correct use of kettlebells has great benefits for losing fat, building muscle and improving your body.

Cast iron kettlebells are powerful workouts that mimic many everyday movements and are great for forearm and grip strength. Since cast iron kettlebells typically have thicker handles than most dumbbells, your muscles work harder to hold them. The way the weight is distributed and the movement of the bell challenges your grip in a more dynamic way.

2. How to choose the right kettlebell weight?

Unlike dumbbells and barbells, kettlebells are usually weighed in kilograms. So a 6kg cast iron kettlebell equals 13lbs and a 16kg kettlebell equals 35lbs. Generally, female trainers can choose a weight of 8-16kg, and male trainers can choose a weight of 16-32kg, which should be adjusted according to the actual situation of the training movements.

For those who train with cast-iron kettlebells, which can burn fat, build muscle, and improve cardiorespiratory fitness, the best way to do this is in explosive movements. Because it can train multiple groups of major muscles at the same time, burn fat efficiently, enhance body coordination and strengthen muscle strength.

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