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The Specific Process of Green Turf Installation

Recently, green turf is becoming increasingly popular not only applied in kindergarten field, school football field but also in the greening of hotel, balcony, engineer and wall decoration.

Green turf can give a bright look and last for more than 10 years. The following will introduce the putting green installation process, hoping it help you.

1. Auxiliary tools to be prepared before installation: long ruler, wallpaper knife, special glue for greening turf, brush, rubber hammer, dragon skeleton, electric drill, nail, etc.

2. It's necessary to clean the adhesive ground before construction connection technology of green turf and keep it dry. It's also required to choose the ambient temperature above 5℃. Placing the lawn open 24 hours, releasing the tension of the lawn, will make the pavement more beautiful without any wrinkle.

3. Fix the skeleton on the ground first. Draw a small circle on the place where nails need to be nailed with a paintbrush. Drill a nail on the small circle and fix the skeleton firmly on the ground.

4. Use a wallpaper knife to cut the green turf to the demanded size according to the size of the ground, nail on the keel and brush the angular margin the lawn with glue to avoid cracking.

5. Curing in the specific construction of green turf: during the construction of green lawn, the curing time generally lasts three days and the detection intensity is generally ten days. During the construction and curing period of green lawn, pay attention to the maintenance of the lawn and avoid water immersion and movement, which can make the green turf better adhesion.

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