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Things You Must Know About Trampolines

Trampoline is a kind of recreational equipment, and is a kind of aerobic exercise. Stretching the joints by jumping up and down to promote the absorption of calcium in the joints can increase the height of children, and can also enable adults to achieve the effect of losing weight, slimming legs and lifting hips, and is loved by adults and children.

1. The function of trampoline

Trampoline can exercise the strength of the limbs and various muscle groups of adults, enhance the bouncing power of the adult body; strengthen the functions of liver and spleen, adjust the endocrine of the human body, comfort and activate the body, and can also increase the height of children. Trampolines can also prevent or reduce obesity symptoms, prevent disease, promote blood circulation, enhance the oxygen-carrying capacity of the blood, and are very interesting. Exercise trampoline is a very popular method of exercise in recent years.

2. The scope of application of trampoline

Trampoline is a comprehensive sport that integrates fitness, entertainment, appreciation and competition. It is of great help to the human body while entertaining. It is popular with different age groups at home, gym, office, school, kindergarten, garden, park, playground, shopping mall, etc.

3. Preparations for trampoline exercise

To do trampoline sports, careful planning and preparation are required in advance. Only when you are fully prepared can you enjoy it.

Choose a trampoline that is soft enough, elastic enough, sturdy and durable, anti-aging and not afraid of breaking. The sturdy main frame is thickened with steel plate to ensure the firmness of the support. Besides, there are thickened and removable bottom anti-slip, shock-absorbing, anti-noise foot pads. Even one person can set up this mini trampoline in half an hour to make your exercise more enjoyable.

4. The fitness effect of trampoline

(1) Enhance height for children. Slimming legs and lifting hips for adults.

(2) In terms of exercise volume, 15 minutes of continuous jumping on the trampoline is almost the same as 30 minutes of jogging or 20 minutes of fitness dancing. It can be described as an aerobic exercise that takes less time and consumes more energy.

(3) Adults can lose weight. It is more convenient to choose a portable and foldable trampoline to exercise at any time. Choose a music or program that you like, and watch and dance. Time passes quickly and you will not get tired, and in this way, you can exercise yourself while entertaining.

(4) Trampoline exercise is not like treadmill exercise. Trainers will not have thick thighs, thick shoulders and humpback via exercise.

(5) The advantage of jumping up and down is that the waist will be thin and the body will be straight and the temperament will be good. The most important thing is to lift the hips. The legs have no lateral muscles and the legs are thin.

(6) Children can increase their height by choosing a portable and foldable trampoline to exercise at any time, and their bodies will grow fast. Because jumping up and down can provide the longest time the human body stays in the air, it is the best stretch for the joints to be aligned with the gravity of the earth, which is conducive to the absorption of calcium in the joints. (Basketball players are the best case in point). The main point is that the trampoline is a soft landing and does not accelerate joint calcification, with long bone growth cycle, which is the best sports for children.

5. Fitness guidance of trampoline

In order to make the five major elements of bodybuilding, bones, muscles, fat, skin, and facial features to meet the bodybuilding standards, and to maintain them well, there are rules and disciplines to follow. These rules and disciplines are the crystallization of long-term human research. They can be summed up as follows:

(1) To have ideals and spiritual support, which mean perseverance;

(2) Work and rest, combine work and rest, get enough sleep, and work and rest on time;

(3) Eat moderately, mix meat and vegetables, do not smoke, and drink less alcohol;

(4) Choosing a good fitness equipment can achieve twice the result with half the effort.

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