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How to Use the Resistance Rope for Men's Fitness?

Ⅰ. Men can also use resistance ropes for fitness

Fitness has gradually become a topic of many people. Everyone is discussing what exercise is better for weight loss and fitness, what is the fitness method difference between man and woman, and what fitness equipment is suitable for men? In the eyes of many people, men generally use weight-type equipment for fitness. Men can also use resistance ropes. And do you know how to use resistance ropes for men's fitness?

Ⅱ. How to use the resistance rope for men's fitness?

1. Lift upright

Training parts: middle deltoid muscle. Action: You have to step on the resistance rope, hold it with both hands at the same time, slowly pull it up to the height of the stomach, and then slowly return to the original posture. Tips: When you lift your hands, you only need to pull them to the height of your stomach. Pulling it too high is not beneficial, and you should avoid shrugging. Since pulling up will stretch the lungs apart, you need to pull up to inhale and exhale when you put it down.

2. Lunge squat

Training parts: buttocks, front and back of thighs. Action: You need to step on the resistance rope, wrap it to the back of your arm and raise your hands above your shoulders. When you do a lunge squat, pay attention that the toes must face straight ahead, keep your body's center of gravity balanced, perform 10 reps before alternating your feet.

3. Lean over and pull:

Training part: lats. Action: You need to stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and step on the elastic pull rope, lean forward slightly and keep squatting then do the rowing position. Pay attention that the arm must bend to about 90 degrees, and perform the movement 20 times.

4. Push the chest forward:

Training part: pectoralis major. Action: You need to wrap the resistance rope around the back and out of the armpit, hold the rope at the appropriate length with both hands, pull the rope forward until the hands cross your chest, and slowly return to the original posture. Tips: Don't hunch back. When your arms reach your chest, you don't have to extend your arms completely when you push forward. Exhale while pushing forward.

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