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Oxygenation Effect of Trampoline Exercise

Oxygen supplementation benefits of the exercise of bungee rebounder: trampoline exercise strengthens your heart and lungs, helping the prevention and recovery of heart disease. By increasing the heart rate and compressing each heart muscle cell, the functions of heart will be strengthened. Trampoline exercise also strengthens your legs. Your legs act as auxiliary pumps for your cardiovascular system. Strong legs can greatly reduce the burden on the heart.

1. Portable and foldable trampoline is a good tool for people to actively exercise

(1) The Australian Heart Foundation recommends that for heart health and prevention of heart disease, people should have 30 minutes of active exercise three times a week. High-intensity activities make the heart beat faster and help blood flow throughout the body. And using a bungee rebounder to exercise your heart function is more efficient: 10 minutes of active trampoline exercise is equivalent to 30 minutes of running at the same level. In theory, you shouldn't get heart disease if you're doing this type of exercise for a long time while you're healthy.

(2) If you already have heart problems, we also recommend that you actively perform trampoline exercise according to the doctor's advice or the guidance of fitness instructors. For some heart patients, you can move slowly on the bungee rebounder, which will also effectively help your heart actively recover gradually and restore its healthy function.

(3) If your resting heart rate is less than 60 beats per minute, please do not smoke, pay attention to chest pain, eat recovery food, and then do trampoline exercise for more than 40 minutes a day, at least 5 days a week. This will help you reach your target range of normal heart rate over time.

2. Trampoline is also a recognized way of oxygen supplementation

(1) Trampoline exercise can provide ideal aerobic fitness effects with low side effects. Trampoline exercise is seen as a better basic exercise for oxygen therapies to prevent cancer.

(2) The oxygen supplementation effect of high-standard trampoline exercise. Bright red blood carries more oxygen, while on the contrary, dark red blood carries less oxygen. Arterial blood is usually bright red because it has just passed through the lungs. Venous blood is usually dark red because it has undergone oxygen exchange through capillaries and tissues. When oxygen levels in the blood drop, conditions ripe for canceration are created. Oxygen is exchanged with tissues through the arterial and capillary system. If there is the arterial hypoxia or arterial blood flow is blocked, the subsequent capillary system and tissue will become cancerous due to hypoxia.

(3) Patients with various chronic diseases are often found to be accompanied by low venous oxygen saturation. With the right treatment and exercise, their venous oxygen saturation levels increase and their health and quality of life will be improved dramatically! Trampoline exercise is one of the most basic and effective forms of oxygen supplementation exercise with low side effects!

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