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Kettlebell Training Actions

1. Kettlebell swings

Hold the kettlebell in both hands, place the kettlebell between your legs, lean your upper body forward from your hips, and keep your back straight. Swing the kettlebell back, and then use explosive force to swing the kettlebell forward until it is chest level. Keep your arms straight and stretch your hips, knees, and ankles explosively.

2. Two-arm kettlebell rowing

Stand upright, feet hip-width apart, knees slightly bent. Lean your upper body forward from your hips, keep your back straight, and keep your knees bent. Hold a kettlebell in each hand and hold each other, with arms hanging straight (vertical to the ground). Keep your elbows close to your body, pull the kettlebell upwards, at the top of the action, squeeze your shoulder blades together. Back to the beginning. (Considering your own condition, you can custom a personalized kettlebell to exercise)

3. Kettlebell goblet squat

Your feet are slightly wider than your shoulders, your toes can be slightly facing outward, and your knees should be in the same direction as your toes. Hold both sides of the handle with both hands, retract your elbows as much as possible, raise your head and back, and then squat. Squatting also maintains a flat back, and both elbows should fall on the inner thighs (in the knees).

4. Kettlebell deadlift

Bend the knees slightly, hold the kettlebell with both hands straight, push the hips back, and maintain the tension to prepare for the deadlift. Push your hips forward and clamp your buttocks firmly. Imagine someone stabbing your butt and return to your normal standing position. Push back with your hips and return to the deadlift preparation position.

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