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Correct Training Method for Elastic Resistance Bands

During training, except for training movements, many training equipments need to be used, such as elastic resistance bands, which are a good choice. But it is not easy to do rope band exercises, because elastic resistance band has its correct training method. Then what is the correct method for resistance rope training?

1. Push-ups with elastic resistance bands

Firstly, you have to use elastic resistance bands definitely. Then you need to do a push-up posture. There are many ways to do it. But in this posture, both hands should be shoulder-width apart, then use the sport elastic bands to tighten the shoulder blades on both sides and both hands grasped one side of the elastic resistance band. Next, press your body down, which is actually similar to doing push-ups. It's almost the same. Make sure your upper arm is parallel to the floor. After that, it is natural to return to the starting position. Even if this action is a round, you need to do this action repeatedly about ten times before it can be effective. Considering personal physical condition, you can also increase the number of times appropriately, do more and do it as much as possible.

2. Side kick squat with elastic resistance bands

This action does not require to lie down, just place your feet shoulder-width apart or hip-width apart, and then tighten our abdominal muscles. The tension rope can be stepped under both feet and then use your hands grasp the other ends of the elastic pull rope so that you can pull it up to the left and right of your shoulders. Next, bend your knees and your body back as if sitting on a chair, but keep your calves upright, push your body back to the starting position with your heels, and when you stand up again, lift your right leg to the side of your body up. This action is finished, but you need to repeat it about 12 times. This action needs to be done more than the first action because the intensity is not strong enough.

3. Seated rowing with elastic resistance bands

Sitting in a rowing posture is naturally to be sitting. First, sit down on a leveled floor, straighten your legs, and place the elastic band on the soles of your feet, but you must go around the soles of the feet. At this time, both hands must grasp one end of elastic bands. Turn your hands forward, then straighten your back and relax your shoulders. When the elastic pull rope is pulled to the sides of the body, the shoulder blades should be tightened. After a short pause, you can return to the starting position. This action also needs to be repeated about 12 times. The third action can be done the same number of times as the second action. You don't need to do as many of these two actions as possible, but you must reach 12 times.

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